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Meeting Your Every Building Code Requirement

Throughout the construction process, GRA Design Studio offers comprehensive support, guiding you through code consultation, construction services, compliance, and beyond. Our services span expediting tasks such as DOB NOW submissions, violation dismissals, securing Certificates of Occupancy, and obtaining DOT permits. Trust us to be your dedicated partner every step of the way.

For architects, engineers, owners, and contractors, grappling with city regulatory agencies can appear daunting. Countless revisions and intricate maneuvers take place before the Department of Buildings grants approval for construction commencement. GRA Design Studio offers a comprehensive solution, streamlining the construction and renovation journey, seamlessly transforming blueprints into projects ready for groundbreaking.


Fast-track Approval Processes

Let GRA Design Studio negotiate critical approvals with city agencies so your project can stay on pace. GRA Design Studio files all DOB applications, from New Building to Alterations, encompassing Mechanical, Plumbing, Sprinkler, Stand pipe, Place of Assembly and more.
GRA Design Studio also secures DOT, Landmarks and FDNY approvals.

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