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Architectural Design Services
Render of 201 Trenton home

Overall, visualization and virtual reality services are essential tools for any modern architecture firm. By leveraging the latest technology, architects can create designs that are more effective, engaging, and sustainable, helping them to deliver better results for their clients.GRA Design Studio offers a wide range of architectural services for all phases of a project.  Beginning with our site selection services, we can assist those acquiring land in understanding the best and highest use for the property by performing zoning analysis and due diligence. This service offering translates into commercial properties and lease spaces, providing a report on a property or tenant space to support lease negotiations.


Once a site is selected, we offer programming, schematic design, design development, construction documentation, and construction administration, at the level required by each individual client and project.


GRA also offers peripheral design services such as graphic design, brand development, web design, interior design where required for proper project execution.  Our goal is to provide a holistic and integrated design approach so that all aspects of the project harmonize through design.

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